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Stable Build 10.4.26

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Stable Build 10.4.26

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


     Windows      [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Mac OS X   [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Linux   [x86_64 Offline Installer] [x86 OfflineInstaller]


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Level 9

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

again a new version. seeing the frequent changes of the stable releases, it seems your software is not testet at all, neither as unit test nor as beta release. but then again, looking at the number of changes in the release notes, nothing changed.
I really start to wonder, what you try to hide ..... 

New Super User

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

Based on comments to the beta posts, since nothing has changed, a good chunk of beta testers don't see the need to test. I'm in this group: I'm happy to take the risk of testing, but only if I have some idea of the risks, and an understanding of what is changing.

Since I don't get this courtesy, I don't bother.

Level 5

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

So, since the release notes don't mention anything.

Did you remove the accessibility hack on macOS yet? I'm really looking forward to a dropbox version that doesn't try to claim root access to my computer.

Level 2

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

Can we _please_ have release notes back? I'm maintaining NixOS' Dropbox package and not even knowing what I'm signing our users up for is getting ridiculous!

Level 8

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

May we at least know if this version adds compatibility to MacOS Sierra?

Some months ago you stated "Going forward there will be cases when we post additional information, such as when new operating system versions come out and we’re working on adding compatibility".

So? May I run this or the new beta on a new OS?

Guys, are you serious developers or what????

Super User II

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

it seems your software is not testet at all, neither as unit test nor as beta release.



Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

Version 10.4.26 includes several updates to improve the interaction between Dropbox and macOS Sierra; however, you may continue to see some unexpected behavior.  

Additional details can be found on our blog and in our help center.

Level 5

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

I've tried some things on my local machine, since no dropboxers seem to be responding about the mac os admin/accessibility hack.

The new dropbox version will ask correctly to enable accessibility features if dropbox badge is enabled.

However, the dropbox helper also keeps nagging about an admin password for no apparent reason. And since the accessibility snafu, I'm still very hesitant to give dropbox helper any privileges. 

Level 1

Re: Stable Build 10.4.26

what the ? No release notes since v3, yet I seem to get a new version (with zero choice) every couple of weeks.

Very poor communication...or is Dropbox trying to hide something ?