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Stable Build 18.4.32

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Stable Build 18.4.32

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer
Mac OS X Standard Installer Offline Installer
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 OfflineInstaller
Auto-updates: In progress


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Betreff: Stable Build 18.4.32

manually pdated on MacOs 10.12.2 (16C67)
contextmenu OK
synced dots only after extension-trick

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Re: Stable Build 18.4.32

When are we going to be able to clear notifications, I've still got ones from 2 years ago popping up when I click on the taskbar icon.
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Re : Stable Build 18.4.32

Change log !!!

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Rif.: Stable Build 18.4.32

Reading the "What's New In Dropbox" is really nice. So the "many improvements and fixes" are the Dropbox update that checks for new versions to be sure that "you’re running the version with the latest features and enhancements".
What are you doing guys? Releasing new software that is able to check for new software?
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Re: Stable Build 18.4.32

During upgrade to 18.4.32 Dropbox started deleting all of my shared folders on my windows 10 desktop. I went to the Db site and found that the files were also no longer listed there, but there was way to rejoin the shared folders, so I did. Then Db started syncing and appeared to have a lot of files to sync. This morning I found that 100 GB of files have been deleted from my Db account (basically all folders except the shared folders), even according to the web interface. When I click on "deleted files", it just hangs.

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Re: Stable Build 18.4.32

This changelog does not have any detail. That's a problem.

I'm unfortunately using Windows 8, and the nice little popup (when adding/syncing a new file) has changed from a slow speech-bubble looking popup into a black box that slides around quickly. (No idea what these are called, but it seems like android toasts but for windows?)

I'd like to be able to configure this, otherwise I'll just be trying to revert to the older version.

The main diffrence is that I can no longer click the notification to navigate to the file that was recently changed.


How can I regain this lost functionality?

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Re: Stable Build 18.4.32

I just got the 17.4.33 update and everything was looking really nice and the icon tics finally went away. until the next day when it updated to 18.4.32 and the old interface Came back from the grave.


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Re: Stable Build 18.4.32

On a similar note over on my Windows computer it also updated to 18.4.32 and now every time I login I get this wonderful error message.

"Dropbox.exe - Entry Point Not Found"
"The procedure entry point SHGetKnownFolderPath could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll"

Apart from that everything is working, I even get that really cool Windows 10 style pop up on the lower right hand side of my screen.

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Re: Stable Build 18.4.32

Super user Mark told me to move this post to this forum for help.

Recently my DropBox client won't load the folders when opening the "Selective Sync" window. After about 2-3 second of "updating" it returns "Unable to connect" under Dropbox. I have tried everything from the forums and restarting the computer and Dropbox.
All files are uploading bothways successfully, but I need to add new folders to one computer and drop folders to save local harddrive space after uploading.
I can confirm that all files and folders are up to date (green ticks), and no programs are accessing any files. I have even tried restarting the computer then trying to open the Selective Sync before opening any programs.

This problem has really rendered my Dropbox use useless for work and personal use. I have Dropbox Pro. Any other ideas or tests?
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