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Known issues - updated June 18th see more

Stable Build 3.14.7

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

Can you disable auto update for my account too?

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

I've had issues with the latest version 3.14.5 and 3.14.7 on my mac 10.9.5.

i have installed Dropbox 3.12.5, Can you please disable my auto update please?


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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

3.14.5 and 3.14.7 runs only with administrator rights. Deinstallation and reinstallation doesn't help, after installing 3.12.6 everything seems to be ok, but after a while it will automatically update to 3.14.7 again with the result that the dropbox client stops. If possible, please deactivate also the auto update for my account, thanks.

By the way I'm running Windows 10 pro 64bit.

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

New: There is now an excellent workaround, suggested by kk78 to have the Dropbox tray icon as normal user, not root, and without the problems of the previous workarounds. It works at least for Xubuntu and Linux Mint.

We only have to wait some seconds for the Dropbox tray icon to appear after applying the workaround line on Terminal, or Konsole, etc.:

dropbox stop && DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=" dropbox start


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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

The workaround of Juan M. Gonzalez is very fine in Xfce DE.

For a permanent solution at reboot I've changed autostart command in DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=" dropbox start -i

Thank you.

Please staff, solve the bug

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7



Please deactivate the automatic updates. 3.14.7 is not working. I see dropbox start to sync, then it shuts down. I keep on reinstalling 3.12.6 which works but then it automatically updates 3.14.7 which doesn't work. 


I"m running 10.9.5. Please let me know when you have done so with deactivating the auto upgrade on my account until you get this 3.14.7 bug resolved. 


thank you

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

Please disable autoupdate and confirm.

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

Much of this has already been suggested one way or another, but here's my step-by-step solution for the missing icon in Xfce, copied from 3.14.5 thread:

In dropbox's preferences I disabled "start dropbox on system startup", logged out & logged in.

Then under 'session & startup' I created a new autostart entry with the following command:

bash -c 'export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=" && dropbox start -i'

Icon now works perfectly on startup. However, if dropbox is stopped and restarted during your session (for example during a client update) the icon will break and you have to logout & login to fix it, or start it with the terminal command:

export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=" && dropbox start

I tried editing the pre-existing Dropbox autostart entry but it resets itself each time you login, which is why I disabled the client's autostart in preferences and made my own. You could probably do this solution better using a script but I've never learned how to make them.

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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

Adrian S. wrote:

"You could probably do this solution better using a script but I've never learned how to make them."

About a shell script as workaround for this Dropbox tray icon bug, i can describe it for KDE 4:

1. One-time preparation

On your desktop, create a text file for the script, e.g.

Right click on the desktop > Create New > Text File > Enter text filename: > OK

To edit the new file:

Right click on the file > Open With > Kate

Copy and paste this simple script:


dropbox stop && DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=" dropbox start

Save the file and close Kate text editor.

Set the executable property for the file:

Right click on the file > Properties > Permissions > [X] Is executable > OK

Now, the file with the shell script is ready on your desktop.

2. Daily use

And these days, when you start the computer, if you see the bug is not yet fixed, you can recover the working Dropbox tray icon by running the script simply with:

Right click on the file > Actions > Run In Konsole


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Re: Stable Build 3.14.7

Unfortunately nobody disabled auto update on my account. Today again 3.14.7 installed itself and Dropbox stops to work. I reinstalled 3.12.6 (this time without deinstalling 3.14.7) everythings fine again. After that I stopped Dropbox manually and renamed the C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Update\DropboxUpdate.exe file. Start Dropbox again, it seems to work, but I'm not sure what happens if Dropbox like to run this update file again.

All in all it hurts and it looks like I'm not alone with the wish to handle the update by myself! So Dropbox developer please think about it at next release. The time I spend with this issue would also be enough to change to OneDrive or Google Drive.


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