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Stable Build 3.8.9

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Stable Build 3.8.9

Happy Monday! We've got a new release for you in the 3.8 series!

New in 3.8.9:

  • Mac OS X 10.11 support. Camera Upload is now enabled for OS X 10.11.

New in the 3.8 series:

  • Windows & OS X: Optional Gmail integration (1)
  • Windows & Linux: Upgrade to Qt 5.4
  • Upgraded compilers (2)
  • Small tweaks to the selective sync UI
  • Show the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac
  • Initial Windows 10 support
  • Mac OS X 10.11 support


  1. If you have Chrome installed and use a Gmail address with Dropbox, you'll be able to use the Gmail integration.
  2. Dropbox is being compiled with Visual Studio 2013 on Windows, Xcode 6.3 on OS X, and gcc 4.8.1 on Linux.


Windows [ Standard installer] [ Offline installer]

Mac OS X [ Standard installer] [ Offline installer]

Linux [ x86_64 offline installer] [ x86 offline installer]


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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Doesn't work. El Capitan OS X says program is corrupt, by standard an offline installation too

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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Unfortunately still not working out of the box with KDE/Plasma5 on Fedora 22 (an officially supported distribution). Although Dropbox say they don't officially support KDE/Plasma5, the new versions are using Qt technology, so it shouldn't be that hard for them to make it work! Strangely, it still requires the libappindicator-gtk3 package to be installed. Given that there are qt libraries that do the same job, relying on another toolkit's libraries to do the job seems an odd choice to say the least....

There is another major bug, namely that the option to start automatically does absolutely nothing! Dropboxers: it would be wonderful if you could actually make the "start dropbox automatically" preference create/delete the ~/.config/autostart/dropbox.desktop as appropriate. It's rather disconcerting to have a preference that claims to do so, but doesn't!

I'm reposting this workaround for both of these bugs. It might not work for you on your distro, but until it's fixed properly by Dropbox, it's worth giving a try. Should you wish to undo the changes, simply delete the ~/.config/autostart/dropbox.desktop file and reinstall the latest release candidate.

This also replaces the icons with Breeze icons that look nicer. For dark schemes, set BREEZEDARK=1 instead of 0.

So here's the fix. YMMV.

Firstly, create the file $HOME/bin/dropboxLaunch with the following contents:

BREEZEDARK=0 # Set to 1 to use Breeze Dark icons
iconsizes=(16x16 22x22 24x24 32x32 64x64 128x128 256x256)

version=`cat $HOME/.dropbox-dist/VERSION`

rm $installdir/plugins/platforms/ 2&> /dev/null
rm $installdir/libQt5*  2&> /dev/null
rm $installdir/qt.conf  2&> /dev/null

if [ -d $installdir/newicons ];
    echo "Icons already patched"    
    mkdir $installdir/newicons
    cd $installdir/newicons
    if [ $BREEZEDARK -eq 1 ];
            wget " Dark/status/22/dropboxstatus-busy.svg"
#            wget " Dark/status/22/dropboxstatus-busy2.svg"
            cp dropboxstatus-busy.svg dropboxstatus-busy2.svg
            wget " Dark/status/22/dropboxstatus-blank.svg"
            wget " Dark/status/22/dropboxstatus-logo.svg"
            wget " Dark/status/22/dropboxstatus-x.svg"
            wget " Dark/status/22/dropboxstatus-idle.svg"
            wget ""
#            wget ""
            cp dropboxstatus-busy.svg dropboxstatus-busy2.svg
            wget ""
            wget ""
            wget ""
            wget ""
        for s in ${iconsizes[@]}; do mkdir -p $installdir/images/hicolor/$s/status; done
        mkdir -p $installdir/images/hicolor/scalable

        for f in *.svg; do
cp "$f" "$installdir/images/hicolor/scalable/$f"
            for s in ${iconsizes[@]}; do
                convert -background none -size $s "svg:$f" "png:$f_png"

ionice -c 3 $DROPBOX start -i &

Secondly, make it executable. In a terminal/konsole, type:

chmod +x ~/bin/dropboxLaunch

Thirdly, create the file ~/.config/autostart/dropbox.desktop containing the following:

[Desktop Entry]  

That's it. If you close Dropbox and then run it using the newly created script (or simply log out and in again!), Dropbox will appear in the system tray!

There are some other bugs that this workaround doesn't fix (or works around):

  • The tray icon is still very fuzzy, as if it has been scaled up from a very small bitmap. (Worked around by replacing the icons - partially successful)
  • Hovering over the tray icon also doesn't show a tooltip expressing the current state - it just says "dropbox"

Otherwise (in terms of actual syncing!), it still works as expected. slightly smiling face

Note, when Dropbox auto-updates, you'll have to close it down and start it up again using the new scripts we just made to get it to show in the system tray again. As a side-benefit, you'll know when you've been auto-updated... because the system will stop working properly again! slightly smiling face

Also, any news on when the badge will be support Libreoffice on various platforms?

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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Still buggy on OS X 10.11.

When I launched dropbox and plug in my device, after my photos are imported, dropbox shows "importing photos" without change back to dropbox icon from the camera icon.

Moreover as long as the icon is the camera icon, I cannot use the import function anymore, no matter I unplug my device and plug in again, or I plug in another device. They simply don't work and keep saying "importing photos".

The only way if I want to use the import function again is I quit dropbox and launch again, then the icon is the standard dropbox icon. And when I plug in a device again, all nightmares repeat.

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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

So far, I have been afraid go use Dropbox because I cannot tell if it has been properly downloaded and installed.  I got no notification that it has finished downloading or installing. How can I find out if it is ready to use?

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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Desktop program is never 'Up to date', even though it has downloaded all of the Selective Sync folders files. It seems to be populating files on the entire account that it shouldn't need to.

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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Still serious problems with LAN Sync !!!??? When will be this important function again fully functional???


Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Hi Michal,

The 3.10 series should have fixes for the LAN sync issues:


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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

It tried to import photos from my iPhone 6plus and crashes every time.   



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Re: Stable Build 3.8.9

Thanks John L., but Release Candidate 3.10.4 is very far from stable release (may be a year?). So, I can not use this release on operational level. I am looking for stable release with fixed LAN sync.