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Happy Programmer's Day 2017!

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Happy Programmer's Day 2017!





Happy Programmer's Day!


The Day of the Programmer is celebrated on the 256th day of each year, which should be today, September 13! 


Do you write any code yourself?


If not, that's your opportunity to take a moment to thank a programmer for your favorite programs! (Maybe send them a message saying "I � Unicode")


What's your favorite programming language? slightly smiling face






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Re: Happy Programmer's Day 2017!

I'm currently writing sockets code in C. I can't say I have a favorite language, it all depends on what's the right tool for the job!

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Re: Happy Programmer's Day 2017!

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Re: Happy Programmer's Day 2017!

Little late to the party. I had no idea about a Programmer's Day. 256th day. That's too funny. slightly smiling face I currently hold a full time job and a part time gig cutting code in the ASP.NET stack. I also have a personal passion for AutoHotkey and Powershell.


Loved the picture, Ed! Was that an old xkcd post by chance?

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Re: Happy Programmer's Day 2017!

yep it was!
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