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Meet our team

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Community Manager

Meet our team

Hi all,


You may have seen new names with the tag 'Dropboxer' and may be wondering who are they and where do they come from slightly smiling face


I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Dropbox moderators (guess what? They are not bots Robot  slightly smiling face


Starting with myself:


Name: Ed

About me: I'm your community manager, working at Dropbox for almost 3 years now. I love music (both playing/listening) and I'm a dog person. You will find me here pretty much everyday and in odd times slightly smiling face

My favorite Dropbox feature: Smart Sync Arrows Counter Clock

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Re: Meet our team

Pleasure to join you all in this esteemed forum!


Name: AgentJay  


About Me: British dude with a posh accent. Loves cats, writing fiction, and to top it all off, Doctor Who, anime, manga and games (avid Steam user here!)cat


My favorite Dropbox feature: Dropbox Paper




Re: Meet our team

Hey Community Fam! 


  • Name: Karina  

  • About Me: I’m Karina and I’m a huge animal lover! 🌎

    International blood ~ from all over Europe & I’m a plant-based eater who’s in love with the ocean, taking photos, music, art, fashion, and travelling. ✈ 🌞 🌊

    With Dropbox since Sept.

  • My favorite Dropbox feature: Dropbox Paper & Doc Scanner! 📝

Re: Meet our team

Hi everyone,



  • Name: Matthieu1 


  • About Me: Hello, I´m Matthieu and I’ve been Dropbox Moderator since January 2017. I really like cooking, reading books and playing basket-ball. 


  • My favorite Dropbox feature: Camera uploads iphone

Re: Meet our team

Hello all !  


Name: @Zed


About Me: I’m Zed and I’ve been a member of the Dropbox family since September 16.  I love making music & watching tv-series, a more stay at home guy here! smiling face with sunglasses


Fav Dropbox feature: The Dropbox mobile app iphone


I'll be around so feel free to ask me anything you want and I'll do my best to help you!

Thanks & Kudos to @Ed for the #Shoutout !


Re: Meet our team

Howdy to all, 
Super happy to be part of the Dropbox Community! 
Name: Jane
About Me: I’m Jane and I’ve been with the Dropbox team since September 2016. I love collages Unicorn, going on long walks at the beach 🏖️reading Classic Literature books and watching animated films (huge Miyazaki fan here) 🎏


My favorite Dropbox feature: Smart Sync ☁️


Rif.: Meet our team




Happy to be part of the team!


Name: Giuliacat


About Me: I’m Giuliacat and I’ve been a Dropbox moderator since February 2017. I love drawing, reading, cats and outdoor activities. 


My favorite Dropbox feature: Shared folders file folder 


Re: Meet our team

Hi all!


Name: Bruna_


About Me: Hello, I’m Bruna and I love traveling, dancing, summer and chocolate.


I’ve been a Dropbox moderator since December 2016. grinning face with smiling eyes


My favorite Dropbox feature:  Dropbox Paper


Re: Meet our team

Hey, hey, hey everyone! Sanchez here (aka: the amazing Sanchez)


I’m from SoCal, and I love the sunshine 🌞! I’m a rocker 🎸, a photographer 📷, and a coffee lover ☕️. Oh, and I’m also the greatest bullfighter in all of Mexico 😛 


What’s my favorite Dropbox feature?! Uh… all of it! Duh! 


Re: Meet our team

Hey all, 
Super happy to be part of the Dropbox Community too! 
Name: Ross, but my friends call me "Ross S."
About Me: I’ve been with Dropbox for a while. I think i may have been the one that opened the box. 
I like computers, programing and cloud storage, super handy considering my job.
(also Photography, sun, travel and cineliterate film makers and Japanese language and culture) 


My favorite Dropbox feature: The desktop client.  maybe ... camera uploads.

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