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Top kudoed members this week! (ending Sep 28)

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Community Manager

Top kudoed members this week! (ending Sep 28)

Cheers, folks! Beers


Apparently, today is the 'national drink beer day' (according to questionable sources), so cheers to the top kudoed members this week!


Top kudoed members:

Member Kudos received
Mark 80 Speak No Evil
Rich 42 Hear No Evil
@310EI 31 See No Evil
@Chris_J 9
@Dan_W8 9
F M.2
@apraetor 7
@Hansfens 6
@NokesSr 5
@neilburk 5


Congrats all!
A reminder that receiving kudos mean that fellow members appreciate, relate-to and/or find your contribution valuable somehow. Keep it up! chart with upwards trend
I'd like to extend this post to recognize those who contributed with great answers that were called out by my fellow Dropbox colleagues.
Those received The Mighty Answer badge and also got 500MB of free additional space in their Dropbox accounts!
These rewards are not earned by any other means than by a Dropboxer granting them.
These are the community members who earned it this week:


If you'd like to learn more about how can you earn free space by contributing to the community, read here.


Thanks everyone and have a great end of week ahead!




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