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Did "Delete" change?

Explorer | Level 3

IIRC, I used to be able to delete a file from my local dropbox folder without affecting everyone else who shares that folder.


But now, I can't delete a file at all without some sort of admin permission that removes it for everyone who's sharing it.


Did something change? Is my memory faulty?


If not, it seems that dropbox is no longer something I can use for simple file-exchanges. (I seem to be stuck with everything I have ever been given access to.)

Super User II
Super User II

The delete functionality has not changed. If you delete a file from a shared folder, it's deleted for all members of that share. It has always been that way. You can remove the entire shared folder from your local drive by using Selective Sync, or you can remove your access to the folder if you no longer need it.


Selective Sync:

Leave a share:

Explorer | Level 3

Lovely, Rich. Thanks a ton.
Leaving a shared folder is what I need!


I can't seem to comment on the Forum for some reason.
I saw one person asking for wha he called "one-way sync", which isn't really a sync of course,
but rather a "copy anything new or changed" destination. (Probably too hard to implement
Thanks again!

Explorer | Level 3

Hmm. I heard what you said, and I consulted the leave folder page.
Odd that the option would be called "delete" for a temporary stop on sharing.
But ok. I tried that.

Then it got scary:

     "Are you sure you want to delete folderName?


Well no, actually. I'm not sure. It depends on what the system means by "delete".
If it means delete if from my local drive, then yes, I'm all for it.
But the message is really ambiguous. It could mean I'm deleting it for *everyone*.
(Do not want to do that, of course.)

Super User II
Super User II

It means delete exactly as it says - you are deleting it for you, and if its a shared folder, for everybody in it. 


You need to leave the share first by following Rich's links before removing the folder (you are also given an option to do that within the leaving process). 

Explorer | Level 3

Unfortunately, the folders I need to remove access to are inside a larger shared folder.
I can't simply unlink the ones I no longer need.


I'll have to see if I can get someone to share the 20 subfolders individually.
Thanks for the help, in any case.

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