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Viewing files in list view

New member | Level 2

The new list view in dropbox completely misses the mark for me. Any medium to long filename is shortened with ellipses when viewing in a browser that isnt sized correctly. Several of my clients have called me up saying "the file is not here!" I know the simple solution is to resize the browser window, but with only 2 files on the page, there's no reason I should be able to see the full filename in list view at any time. That's the point of list view. Or there should be options for each user to be able to customize their view, similar to "view options" in the Mac OS Finder.  You are a file sharing and storage service, layout and how we simply view files should be a priority. 


I'm an active user but what kind of "plus" experience am I paying for?




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EddyL1u New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I have same problem. I'm not be able to see the full filename in list view. If possible, please provide the resize the brower window function in future release. Thank you in advance.