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Re: Dropbox Sign: Rotating signature boxes

Dropbox Sign: Rotating signature boxes

Helpful | Level 6

Uploading a PDF with both landscape and portrait images, and using Dropbox Sign….When I am configuring "Signature Boxes", “Date/Initial" boxes etc in Dropbox Sign, it seems that i cannot rotate the signature boxes in PDF’s that contain both landscape and portrait images. And they all default to vertical not horizontal. 


Note: It absolutely allows me to rotate in “ME- SIGN NOW” instances with a rotating button (while i'm configuring the signature locations), but when i try to stretch/resize the box while i'm configuring the signature locations, however for other signature clients to sign, its not very cooperative.

Seems like im missing something bc, Im unlikely to be the only person with this challenge.  

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Dropbox Staff

Hey all, I'm the engineering lead for the involved team.


I'm really sorry about the frustration this has caused. It really is a bit of a tricky problem for us to solve on or end — PDFs are hard! — but we have been working on it, and I understand how critical a timely fix would have been for many of you.


My team was able to reproduce the issues noted in this thread by a few PDFs provided to us by our Support team that displayed the errant behavior. We used these to help validate our work and now, using these files, we see fields oriented as expected.


A couple of weeks ago, we released a patch which should reconcile the conflict between field rotation and PDF orientation.


Fields should now be oriented relative to the top of the file viewer, and not based on the underlying PDF encoding. If you rotate a document in the viewer, any fields you've added will be cleared so that field orientation will be correct to the new orientation. You'll get a warning before this happens, so you can go cancel the action if you need to.


If you are still seeing fields oriented the wrong way, could you please share a sample PDF with our Support team ( so that we can take another look and make sure we didn't miss an edge case? Just make sure the file doesn't contain any private or sensitive information.


Rest assured, my team does really care, but like with many companies we have a number of other priorities we need to juggle as well, and we're all doing our best. 

Helpful | Level 6

Thank you


Helpful | Level 5

It now works again for me. Thank you!!!

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