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Dropbox Personal & Business User for 10+ years & the latest update & Technical Support

Dropbox Personal & Business User for 10+ years & the latest update & Technical Support

New member | Level 2

I have been a dropbox customer for 10+ years.  I have used it for my service related business which i have had clients for 20+ years.  Dropbox just did an "UPGRADE" that completely "messed up" 10+ years of client file folders & their related data, which could be updated daily/weekly/monthly & annually.  I have some virtual workers who also use my Dropbox.  We have been "loosing files" and i didn't know what was going on.  Also, after this update i noticed two (2) dropbox folders on my hard drive, one that was NEW and one that said (OLD).  Well, that would be fine and i could just sort that out myself and shouldn't be too many folders/files, but that is not all that the NEW folder, the Dropbox Update ALSO created a new set-up of ROOT file folders and put the sub-folders & content inside them.  Then the NEW folder system had a business folder in it, which also contained my client file folders AGAIN, and then a personal folder which contained my client file folders in a 2-depth interior file folder AGAIN.   So as we were working on our clients, i was saving the changed files or new files to my clients folders where i saw them in the top sub-folder.  Because we did not know this "clients" main folder was in now "6" places inside Dropbox, my remote workers saved via web where they saw the client file folder via the web dropbox.  The web dropbox contains the "client" folders in 2 seperate places.  After realizing this was a problem i contacted Dropbox support and they did a remote session to look at and help me show them what the problem was.  This support technician did not know how to fix it so they escalated it to aN "Enhanced Support Team".  I have been going back and forth with this "Enhanced Support Technician" via email since 01/06/2023 ... on an every day basis.  Everything this person has asked me to do i already know...again i have been with dropbox for 10+ years.  I have asked for a "Support Technician" that knows more than me....when you use the same software for years on end, you begin to learn the "tricks"....and all this technician has done either will NOT help or FIX the problem, or i already know.   Basically what i am going to do as THE PAYING CUSTOMER FOR 10+ YEARS is try to first merge the duplicated client folders on the dropbox web.  Then i will have to merge the additional duplicates on my hard drive (4 more locations of same file folders) on my hard drive.  This would NOT be a problem....except these folders and files change, they are not just archived files.  My hard drive is supposed to have all the files on it, but now some are online only ...but on my hard drive my Dropbox Folder is 165GB and has 8,648 Folders & 179,639 online account has 219.6GB of space used.   Sorting all this out is going to take me A TON OF TIME !!!   I first started with the regular personal dropbox then upgraded to Dropbox Business when they rolled that out.  My hopes is that this post reaches someone at Dropbox that is a Senior Member of the Technical Support Team to UNSCREW UP MY DROPBOX this last update created.  Also, buyer beware of your files and folder for all users when an "update" comes out.  They should let us "opt-out" of these updates until we customers have the time to review them and see how the update will affect our system, just like Windows and Cell Phone updates.  We all know that being the first users of the new version 2.0,3.0 ect is NOT FUN...basically you become the guniea pig for the company and have to deal with all their errors in the "New & Enhanced Experience".    Idk if there is another platform that will suit my business as Dropbox has for 10+ years, but this month's experience is enough to make me move, because regardless, I will probally be the one doing all the work to sort this whole mess out.  Sorry for venting, i am just really fed up.  

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Re: Dropbox Personal & Business User for 10+ years & the latest update & Technical Support


Hi @tina458, sorry to hear about the issue you've been experiencing and thanks for your feedback on this.


Could you please provide us  with your ticket ID so that we can look it up in our system? 


If you could also clarify how exactly those changes are logged in your events page, I'd appreciate it. 


Any additional information you can share about this will be much appreciated. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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