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Files are deleted

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I believe there is a serious bug within dropbox v. 151.3.4214 on macOS Monterey v.12.4. For the last 4 days my computer has been behaving in such a way that not only files within the local folder, including subfolders, are deleted but also folders and subfolders on the cloud storage DROPBOX, without a single message that I should confirm the deletion on the cloud. These are thousands of files that I have been using for a long time as part of my work. Fortunately, I have purchased support for annual history retention for my cloud account, and so far in 4 cases in the last few days, I have recovered the deleted files each time.I have also been using TIME CAPSULE to back up my local Drobox account for a long time, and this method has worked without a single problem for about 10 years until this last week.

As a precautionary measure, I have disconnected all applications accessing the cloud dropbox that I have installed over the last 2 years and the problem repeated itself most recently yesterday. I've worked around the problem so far by restoring files after a mass deletion from the cloud, synchronizing the local folder with the restored files, and turning off synchronization. 


The whole situation as I described is captured by, unfortunately I don't have access to more detailed information from this interface than just the 7801 files deleted and their names and their directories.


This problem is not caused by lack of space in the drobox cloud, where I have at least 1T of space, nor by lack of space on my iMac, where I also have at least 1T of disk space free. Is there anyone here who is able and willing to help in these hot days? 


thank you very much for your help



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Re: Files are deleted

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Hi @VlKa 


So the first thing to note here is that actually Dropbox is doing as expected - it is a syncing tool so if a file is deleted from the computer it also deletes from the could and vice versa. There is a popup when you delete things asking if you want to remove from cloud BUT if you tick 'dont show again' it wont AND that only works when you actively delete from the machine and not a linked device or the cloud. 


But, obviously here you are not wanting this to happen so something is causing it.... so, restore the files and then go to the previous events of one of them. That will show WHERE the deletion event took place (i.e. which device) and give a clue/starting point to work out whats happening. Dropbox can only replicate what its told, so, if its deleting things SOMETHING is telling it to do so. 


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