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Lost my files which made by sketchup

Lost my files which made by sketchup

New member | Level 2

Today I find out that there are several files lost when I was going to use them.


I am not sure if it's because of my hard drive or dropbox. They should be in the list of delete history if I deleted them accidentally, but they are not. There are no any latest or history version of the files.


The lost files were all made by the same application called sketchup. I was keep using them for 2 months untill I finished my job at 28 last month. I don't know why only the files made by the same applicaiton disappeared. 


It makes me worried that if I should keep using dropbox with some unknown risks.


If anyone knows anything please let me know ,thank you!



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Re: Lost my files which made by sketchup


Hey @amatea, I'm sorry to hear about that! 


When was the last time you checked on our website for the files? Are you sure they have been successfully synced to Dropbox? 


If I were you, I'd check my events page. The Events page at gives you an overview of all activity in your account including files events (adds/edits/deletes), as well as adding or removing folders. 


Also, how do you connect Sketchup with Dropbox? 


Keep me posted, and we'll take it from there! 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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