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Updating files not possible

Updating files not possible

New member | Level 2

Hi everybody so here's my problem:

I created a bunch of audio files, zipped them and uploaded the zip (approx. 3GB) to my dropbox. Later I found that some of the files were damaged/corrupted  - so I've recreated the files properly and overwritten the damaged ones. New zip with new name. Upload only took ONE minute instead of 40 minutes for 3GB as Dropbox obviously said: "Hey I know these files, same size, same name, they've already been uploaded!!"

But it's WRONG - yes, same name and size, but new creation date and most important: NOT CORRUPT.

So if I share the zip from my dropbox people will get the old, damaged files as there was no new upload of the corrected files.

Even more spooky: I deleted all zips with that content from my dropbox, even did a "final delete" in the "recover deleted files" menu to really clear the old stuff off of my Dropbox. It should now be gone forever. So then I did a new upload of the new zip and BAM, after a couple of seconds everything was magically synchronized and online.

With my old files. Which should have been safely deleted.

How can I tell Dropbox to completely redo the upload - and: why is "remove finally" not finally??





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Dropbox Staff

Hi @moberlin, thanks for bringing this to our attention.


The Dropbox service would detect any changes to the current file and upload those changes. It doesn't just detect the file name and size and not make a change.


If the files are corrupted, then it wouldn't be during the upload process. Are you uploading the files via the Dropbox site directly, or by moving the file into the Dropbox folder with the app installed?


Just for confirmation, after creating the zip, when you extract the files immediately on you machine (before uploading), do they all play normally?


This will help me to assist further!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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