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undo folder name change

undo folder name change

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I am completely new to DropBox and am finding it very difficult to understand.  I recently joined a group of people sharing folders, and was included in this share.  Some of the folder names were inconsistant, others were just odd or not-very-helpful.  With permission from the group, I offered to change folder names and perhaps reorganize the structure, in an effort to make things easier to find.  I've made several changes, and just today learned that those changes are only locally visible to me, myself and I.  Nobody else is seeing the changes I've made.  So now I would like to change things back, and maybe learn a lot more about DropBox before I decided to 'help' again.


My question is: does DropBox provide a log or some tool that would help me reset folder names back to their originals?  I did not keep track of the name changes, and in some cases I change a name more than once (until I settled on something that worked).  I had no idea that others would not see these changes...  I now understand that in order to accomplish my goals, I probably need to create new folders of my own, in the structure that I want, and move files/subfolders out of the old shared folders and into my new ones, and then share all of my new stuff with the group again.  Sounds like a hassle and a fair amount of work, and to be honest I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that, given what little I seem to understand about this product.


So back to my question: does anyone know of a way to reset a folder back back to what it was before (or even one step before that)?  I know that I could go to others in the group and *see* what their folder names look like, but not everybody is sharing all of the same folders, so I'd have to bother something like 10 people to accomplish that.  I can do it, but I was hoping for an easier way offered by the product itself to try first.


Thank you in advance for any assistance...  And whoever replies, please understand that I may have lots of follow up questions because I now realize just how much I do *NOT* understand about DropBox.

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Re: undo folder name change


Hey @GnuBee, I'd be more than happy to help!


You are right, to avoid confusion, when you rename or move a shared folder, that change isn't reflected for the other members. 


If you want the new names to appear for the others, the folder will have to be unshared and, once you change the names, reshare it.  


You can find a lot more information on this, here


As for the log you ask about, you should be able to see them from your events page


We're here and ready for any other questions you might have for us. Just give us another nudge. Thanks!

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