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Beta Build 13.3.19

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Beta Build 13.3.19

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


     Windows      [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Mac OS X   [Standard Installer] [Offline Installer]
     Linux   [x86_64 Offline Installer] [x86 OfflineInstaller]


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Betreff: Beta Build 13.3.19

MacOs 10.12

DB icon in finder

DB contexmenu items inside DB folder


no synced marks in DB folder

no "move to DB" outside DB folder


BTW: nice new forum BUT old "no version info" behavior!!!  unamused face

Level 4

Betreff: Beta Build 13.3.19

My Dropbox version is showing version 13.3.20 but couldn’t find the discussion page for this version.


Running macOS 10.12.1 beta 4 (16B2548a), MacPro5,1.


DB icon in Finder, contextual menu in DB folder, and synced indicators all working, but no “move do DB” contextual menu in Finder.


The “Share…” contextual menu now opens a dialog with more options, not just copying the path. The latter is a separate option, “Copy Dropbox Link.”


Let’s hope your issues will be resolved with the release of 10.12.1.

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Betreff: Beta Build 13.3.19

same here