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Dropbox desktop application won't start

Explorer | Level 3

I'm using the beta version of Dropbox and today it wouldn't start saying that there was a problem with permissions, a generic error message I suppose because there shouldn't be any issues with permissions.

Anyhow the log shows this at the end:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "dropbox\client\main.pyc", line 766, in wrapper
File "dropbox\client\main.pyc", line 6185, in finish_dropbox_boot
File "dropbox\client\main.pyc", line 5706, in _init_components_for_account
File "dropbox\sync_engine_boundary\factory.pyc", line 293, in make_sync_engine
AssertionError: NucleusClassicClient was not found!


And this is the version of Dropbox:

bn.BUILD_KEY: Dropbox
bn.VERSION: 79.3.136
bn.is_frozen: True

I have reinstalled Dropbox and now I have to figure out how not to download all my content.

I do not require assistance, it's just to report since it's a beta.


Re: Dropbox desktop application won't start


Hey @juanfrancisco, thanks for highlighting; since you mentioned that no further assistance is required from support, I’ve moved your post under the relevant thread on the Community, as this area is reviewed by our desktop application app devs!

What are stable and beta builds?

The stable builds are for the Desktop client, which is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.

A beta build is an early release feature that is subject to these additional terms.

Hi anonymous,

If you need more help you can log a ticket with our Support Team here (expected response time 24 hours), or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

For more info on available support options, see this article.

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Beta Build 79.3.136
2 Replies
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