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Experimental Build 3.11.40

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Experimental Build 3.11.40

Edit: There is a newer forum build than this one.

Happy Tuesday! We’ve got a new experimental build for you in the 3.11 series!

New in 3.11.40:

  • Alerts and notification fixes

New in the 3.11 series:

  • New functionality for the badge:
  • View if the document is shared, and change sharing permissions
  • Email file from the badge
  • UI improvements for the Tray Popup on Mac
  • Changes to how the client runs before a user signs in
  • Many small fixes and improvements


Windows [Standard installer] [Offline installer]

Mac OS X [Standard installer] [Offline installer]

Linux [x86_64 offline installer] [x86 offline installer]

Auto-updates: 3.11.x clients

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

automatic update without issues...

BTW: don´t really understand this "badge"-thing.

I don´t use mikroschrott word but obviously the oneeyed is the king of the blind ones....

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

Syncing working fine on linux. Sadly still no fixes for the major linux bugs that have gone neglected for many months now :-( So sad that relatively minor fixes just don't get any attention...

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

This issue still persists in this build, does it not have to do with Live Photos maybe ?


After restoring my iPhone to iOS 9.0.2 and not restoring a backup (fresh iOS install) I have had issues getting the phone to complete a photo import. 

I have completely removed Dropbox (including all the settings files I could find) and reinstalling stable and this experimental build. It asks to Start Import for the phone as if plugging in for the first time. 

It says its importing the photos and generates a random time remaining every time (13 minutes, 9 minutes, 2 minutes) even when I unplug the phone, the Dropbox menu bar icon remains a camera icon and does not change until I close dropbox or reboot the mac. Its like the import process is getting stuck and not moving.  

Carousel is still working perfectly on the device and importing the photos to Dropbox, Dropbox client is also syncing those changes to my local dropbox folder. 

I have got selective sync in sub folders under "Camera Uploads" as my Macbook only has 256GB SSD and my Camera Uploads is huge. 

Any ideas? 

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

On Mac OS client Finder integration is AWOL. This has been the case for the last few builds. No status icons, no ability to copy links by control clicking etc. Syncing seems fine.

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

Mac OS 10.11.1 with full finder integration:

  • outside DB folder:
    • move to DB
  • inside DB folder:
    • status icon
    • share link
    • view on
    • view pre.Versions
    • view comments

should there be more???

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

@raul g.: FWIW, for me — OS X 10.10.5 — Finder integration also works perfectly (BTW Path Finder integration also slightly smiling face)

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Re: Experimental Build 3.11.40

@thomas R.

Finder integration is broken for me both on 10.11.1 and 10.11.2 Beta (15C27e). I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Unlinked and relinked on both machines. No dice.