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Stable Build 26.4.24

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Stable Build 26.4.24

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer
Mac OS X Standard Installer Offline Installer
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 OfflineInstaller

Auto-updates: In progress

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Re: Stable Build 26.4.24


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Re: Stable Build 26.4.24

Another new client version, another visit to the forum to add kudos to Thomas's post requesting a change log. I am considering changing my name to Sisyphus!

Re: Stable Build 26.4.24

Upgraded automatically but did not automatically run on 2 of 3 PC's


No Change log or release notes so no clue as to what has been change / improved / broken.



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Re: Stable Build 26.4.24

"Norton internet security" said

"Dropbox Installer/ contains 'OSX.Trojan.Gen'. "

Whar shall we do ?


MacOS 10.11.6

Norton Internet Security 7.4

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Re: Stable Build 26.4.24

無法連結 請處理問題
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Re: Stable Build 26.4.24

Currently using this version and I've paused Dropbox so I can do a large scale rearrange of directories etc.

After pausing it I went to the Dropbox website and removed a share which has then propagated to my machine (notification on screen saying its been removed and when I go to the directory its been deleted).

Obviously the pause isnt quite working as the client was paused and so it shouldnt be doing things via Dropbox.
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Re: Stable Build 26.4.24

Since posting this I've been waiting for Dropbox to reindex. Its now 48 hours later and its reduced from about 267,000 files to 257,500. Its 'to upload' and 'to download' list are increasing (its added 4,800 to upload which it didnt have 12 hours ago). However, its beyond slow :(
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Dropbox 26.4.24 will not launch Windows 7..

Subject says it all... I have been fighting this problem for 10 days and tried ALL solutions listed in the forums and help areas. I uninstalled and reinstalled a minimum of 30x with online, offline, and advanced methods. I also gave dropbox administrative permissions and tried installing older versions as well as the 27.xx version....No luck..and gained a few gray hairs in the process. In order to help others who are stuck just like me, try this: Start>All Programs>Dropbox> right click the Dropbox icon> Properties>Compatibility> Select run this program in compatibility mode for> Select Windows Vista> Click Apply> Click ok>Launch dropbox via the icon. Do NOT select Win XP or you will get an error as Dropbox does not support it anymore. The above solution worked for me! I think a Win7 update did something Dropbox doesn't like as it has been working flawlessly for me for years(other than when DB dropped XP support).
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Re: Dropbox 26.4.24 will not launch Windows 7..

Same here, lot's of troubles running the latest version on Windows 7. Stuck at "initializing".