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Stable Build 3.8.5

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‎07-24-2015 06:12 PM

Stable Build 3.8.5

**Edit: There is a newer forum build than this one.**


Happy Friday! We've got a release candidate for you for the 3.8 series!

New in 3.8.5

  • Fixes an issue that could cause an account to become unlinked.

New in the 3.8 series:

  • Windows & OS X: Optional Gmail integration (1)
  • Windows & Linux: Upgrade to Qt 5.4
  • Upgraded compilers (2)
  • Small tweaks to the selective sync UI
  • Show the Dropbox badge on Preview for Mac
  • Initial Windows 10 support


  1. If you have Chrome installed and use a Gmail address with Dropbox, you'll be able to use the Gmail integration.
  2. Dropbox is being compiled with Visual Studio 2013 on Windows, Xcode 6.3 on OS X, and gcc 4.8.1 on Linux.


Windows [ Standard installer] [ Offline installer]

Mac OS X [ Standard installer] [ Offline installer]

Linux [ x86_64 offline installer] [ x86 offline installer]


Auto-updates: In progress. Auto-update has been paused for Windows XP while we investigate an issue causing the desktop client to not run properly on some computers.

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‎07-24-2015 08:49 PM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

all my dorp boxes are unliked some how. what do i do to get them linked again?

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‎07-25-2015 03:58 AM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

For those using KDE/Plasma5, this build has two major bugs that significantly impairs functionality: the system tray doesn't work, and it doesn't start automatically. Here's a workaround until the dropbox team give a proper fix.

This works for me on Fedora 22, Plasma5. It should work for you on your distro or desktop, but YMMV. Should you wish to undo the changes, simply delete the ~/.config/autostart/dropbox.desktop file and reinstall the latest release candidate.

Create the file $HOME/bin/dropboxLaunch with the following contents:

 version=`cat $HOME/.dropbox-dist/VERSION`  
 rm $installdir/plugins/platforms/  
 rm $installdir/libQt5*  
 rm $installdir/qt.conf  
 ionice -c 3 $DROPBOX start -i &` 

Make it executable. In a terminal/konsole, type:

chmod +x ~/bin/dropboxLaunch

Create the file ~/.config/autostart/dropbox.desktop containing the following:

[Desktop Entry]  

That's it. If you close dropbox and then run it using the newly created script (or simply log out and in again!), Dropbox will appear in the system tray!

There are some other bugs that this workaround doesn't fix:

  • The tray icon is still very fuzzy, as if it has been scaled up from a very small bitmap - it has: a 16x16 bitmap. :-(
  • Hovering over the tray icon also doesn't show a tooltip expressing the current state - it just says "dropbox".

Otherwise (in terms of actual syncing!), it still works as expected. slightly smiling face

Note, when dropbox autoupdates, you'll have to close it down and start it up again using the new scripts we just made to get it to show in the system tray again. As a side-benefit, you'll know when you've been auto-updated... because the system will stop working properly again! slightly smiling face

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‎07-25-2015 09:10 AM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

Since the 3.8.5 update, synchronization stops working.
I uninstalled the 3.8.5 and installed 3.8.4. everything is OK now.

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‎07-25-2015 10:24 PM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

If 3.8.5 fixes an unlinking problem, and is the stable version, then I would suggest you make it the one that downloads from the main page.

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‎07-27-2015 01:09 PM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

Can anyone answer this? When will there be Badge Support for the New Mac Office 2016

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‎07-28-2015 05:22 PM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

I am using kubuntu 15.05 with plasma 5 and I still can't see any icon on the tray system, which (if I am not wrong according to what I could understand from here and here) should have been addressed after being ported to qt 5.

Can anyone confirm that the problem has not yet been fixed? Am I missing something?

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‎07-28-2015 11:03 PM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

Not sure what improved it, but 3.8.5 seems to get back to up to date state from a relink with a lot more speed than previous versions, we have 350K of files and previous versions were taking 4days, its dropped to under 2 now.

So ^5 to you!

PS: on the not so good, 3.8.5 still unlinked itself on me :(

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‎07-29-2015 02:22 AM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

@Carols C. It's a known bug. :-( Have you tried using my workaround (second post on this thread)?

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‎07-30-2015 11:24 AM

Re: Stable Build 3.8.5

I've just upgraded dropbox to this version and the system tray icon in plasma 5 returned (without the rm libQt* patch).