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Stable Build 49.4.68

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Stable Build 49.4.68

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


Windows Standard Installer Offline Installer
Mac OS X Standard Installer Offline Installer
Linux x86_64 Offline Installer x86 OfflineInstaller

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Re: Stable Build 49.4.68


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Re: Stable Build 49.4.68

sorry but what is the link for the changelogs ?

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Re: Stable Build 49.4.68

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How to install this in (K)ubuntu

I couldn't figure out how to install the X64 Offline Installer.  It leads to a packed archive, which is easily unpacked. But what should I do then?  If it was a .deb file (also a packed archive) instead of a tar.gz file it  would be easy enough: use the QAptPackageInstaller or other similar software.


Re: How to install this in (K)ubuntu

Hey Paul!


The recommended way to install Dropbox on Kubuntu is to download the deb from this page: (That's what I do.)


To install this version of Dropbox specifically:

 - Untar the installer, which will output `.dropbox-dist` in your current directory.

 - Move `.dropbox-dist` to your home directory

 - Start the Dropbox daemon by running `~/.dropbox-dist/dropbox`


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