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Stable Build 64.4.141

Thanks for using Dropbox! The desktop client is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.


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Re: Stable Build 64.4.141


Thanks for using Dropbox! Here are the user-visible changes in v64:

  • Fix the tray icon to work in more Linux desktop environments. Specifically:
    • XFCE. Tested on Xubuntu 18.04 and Xubuntu 14.04.
    • LXDE. Tested on Lubuntu 18.04.
    • Gnome Flashback. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.
    • MATE. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.
    • Gnome on Fedora 29 with the (K)StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator Support” extension and libappindicator installed. (Note, the TopIcons Plus” extension worked previously, and still works.)
The Linux Dropbox app has two implementations of the tray icon: one using libappindicator, and one using Qt’s QSystemTrayIcon. Previously, libappindicator was only used if certain desktop environments (like Unity) were detected. That would cause Dropbox to fallback to the QSystemTrayIcon implementation for certain desktop environments, which didn’t work correctly if there was a “StatusNotifierWatcher” host registered.
Now, if the following conditions are met, then Dropbox will use libappindicator to create the tray icon:
  • There is a “StatusNotifierWatcher” host registered.
  • Either libappindicator3 or libappindicator is installed.
You can check to see if you have a “StatusNotifierWatcher” host registered by running the following as a python script:
import dbus
    session_bus = dbus.SessionBus()
    watcher = session_bus.get_object("org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher", "/StatusNotifierWatcher")
    props_iface = dbus.Interface(watcher, "org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties")
    props = props_iface.GetAll("org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher")
    print("IsStatusNotifierHostRegistered:", props['IsStatusNotifierHostRegistered'])
    print("StatusNotifierWatcher host is not registered.")
  • Upgrade Python to version 3.6.
  • Fix a rare issue where the tray panel that opens when the tray icon is clicked is sometimes blank.
  • Fix some accessibility issues with preferences panel.
  • Enable position independent executable on Linux.
  • Fix a bug where some users that unlinked a paired account would be unable to interact with Dropbox until the app restarted.

Re: Stable Build 64.4.141

New member | Level 2

Hi There,

I'm using this version of dropbox and it is working fine however there is a message

"You areusing and old version of Dropbox. Please update within the next 26 days to continue using Dropbox"

Kindly advice do I need to update or should I leave it?


Re: Stable Build 64.4.141


@mondok82 That's interesting. If you're on v64, you shouldn't be getting deprecation notices. Which computer are you seeing the issue on? Feel free to send me an email about it if you don't want to discuss on the forums:

What are stable and beta builds?

The stable builds are for the Desktop client, which is regularly updated with many improvements and fixes.

A beta build is an early release feature that is subject to these additional terms.

Hi anonymous,

If you need more help you can log a ticket with our Support Team here (expected response time 24 hours), or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

For more info on available support options, see this article.

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Stable Build 64.4.141
3 Replies
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