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Consistent Syncing Issues Moving Large Amounts of Data & Hiring Company to Manage Dropbox

Explorer | Level 4

Firstly, can anyone point me towards a company that manages Dropbox accounts? I've heard there's a company out there that deals with moving data to dropbox and from what I hear they do it at lightning-fast speeds. We're tired of dealing with consistent syncing issues and need it fixed. At this point, Dropbox has not been able to fix the issue so it's either hire a company or most likely drop the service.


A little more on our issues and a few questions...


We use Dropbox because from a price standpoint it allows us to back up our files with unlimited space at a very affordable rate. However, if we can't reliably upload files without syncing issues occurring it makes more sense for us to build our own servers. We like Dropbox but it's the syncing issues that are the main issue. Upload speed is slow considering we have 1GBS internet speed but that's okay. 


Would Dropbox Enterprise be a good solution? We inquired about Dropbox Enterprise and still have not received a call. The chat sales rep was very dismissive, it was quite strange actually since I was inquiring about a product I assume I'll pay a premium for. I was getting the vibe she didn't think we could afford it because she kept mentioning the price and the fact that'd we have to pay for 100 users. I didn't even inquire about the price, we make ads for the largest brands in the world. I was more concerned with having the product work as we've now uploaded about 30TB and would hate to have to switch. I doubt we'll get enterprise after being treated so rudely but can anyone advise as to would we have an account manager and would this allow syncing issues to be fixed quickly?


My company has been experiencing consistent syncing issues for the past 5 months we've been using Dropbox. Only 3 people have access. We use it to backup projects and delete them from our physical drives. 


We work with terabytes. We often upload terabytes by batching the uploads always keeping them under 500,000 MB.


We have one machine in the USA and one machine in Mumbai, India that backs up the files. USA is a PC, Mumbai is a Mac. 


Files are professional RAW camera files. Think R3D files for Red cameras or Cinema DNG files. We are a film and commercial production company and agency.



Any comments or tips would be appreciated. If anyone can point me towards this company I've heard about I'd certainly appreciate it. Thanks!



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