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Dropbox Business/Paper Feedback

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I've been using Dropbox for a few years, and I've (for the most part) really liked working with it. I currently run a small business independently producing a comic book, and so far I've been using two personal accounts - one for myself, and one shared across my business.

As I start get into having more production teams for more comics, I decided to finally try Dropbox Business. I spent a few hours with it last night and this morning and... either I don't get it, or it really isn't designed to meet my needs.


1. Lack of Control

I don't need everyone to have private folders, yet there is no way to disable those. I'm fine with being an Admin / Owner and being unable to see inside those, but with the lower Business tier that still has a file size cap, it puts me in an awkward position where I don't necessarily know where large files are coming from and can't actively do anything about them. Why can't I control which accounts get these? Why can't I not have them at all?


2. Privacy?

At the same time, any top-level folders I make that are for specific users / groups are still displayed to everyone with "No Access" labels. Why display those? If I don't want someone to have access, why do they still have to know it exists?

I know the workaround here is to create a folder in my Private Folder (that I don't want) and to share it so it appears in other Private Folders (again, that I don't want). But this is contingent on the other person accepting the folder (which is not ideal for new employees), and creates an inflated depth. Company-wide stuff is at the top-level, but team stuff is in my personal/private folder. That's super weird.

What I would want is to be able to have top-level folders for everything, and simply not show what doesn't need to exist for other people. Here's company stuff like the Handbook for everyone, here's a folder for comic a that group a gets, here's a folder for comic b that group b gets, here's a folder for comic c that is very early on and doesn't have a team yet and only I have access. And then here's a bunch of folders around marketing, expenses, strategy that only I need.

And I can do that now just fine with using multiple standard Dropbox accounts. The Dropbox Pro way of doing this is just putting them in my own private folder and sharing them specifically anyway, with an obscured sense of what's private and what's public. So why am I using Dropbox Business?


3. Paper

I liked the idea of using Paper because I thought, oh, great, I can stop using Google Docs, I can stop using Office, I can edit my scripts directly in with the other files, and it's less software that I need to use / worry about. I don't need to worry about remembering to upload the latest versions.

But Paper files don't show up in the normal folder structure, they're in an entirely different interface and they don't sync with other files anyway... So what problem is this even solving? If I already need to use a different interface, why don't I just keep using Google Docs? All this does (similar to the privacy structure above) is make it more difficult for me to find my files by obscuring their locations.


Overall I would rate this experience somewhere between "frustrating" and "a complete waste of time". I don't know who this product is for, I don't know if it's meeting the needs of others, but for me it adds no value - it's a worse experience,  more expensive, and offers less space than just having multiple accounts.

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Re: Dropbox Business/Paper Feedback


Hey there @mkpelletier - apologies for the late reply; how are you today?

At first, I'm sorry to hear that we're not meeting your current needs - since all of your points are spot on - and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to submit your extensive feedback and use-case as it's most appreciated and helps us understand our users' needs and pain-points; therefore, I'll make sure to pass your comments on to the team.

If you have anything else to add (or ask, even), please let me know; I'll be happy to follow up. 

Thanks in advance and have a lovely week ahead!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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