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[tips] 3 easy ways to protect your company's data


1. Use strong and unique passwords

One easy way to check both of these boxes is to use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. It’s a solution that’s convenient for employees, but secure enough to keep IT admins happy. Tip: Encourage employees to practice the same good password habits with personal accounts—many successful attacks on businesses start with a stolen personal password or user name.


2. Enforce two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication — which typically involves a mobile app—is another must. Even if your password is stolen, it will serve as a backstop, preventing hackers from accessing your account. The problem? Only about 30 percent of people use two-factor authentication, and nearly three-quarters of IT decision makers admit receiving complaints from employees who use it. Tip: Some services let you use a Universal 2nd Factor security key, a physical alternative to two-factor authentication that can also protect you against phishing attacks.


3. Push all software updates

Everyday users don’t always understand how important bug fixes and security patches can be. Ideally, IT teams and business owners should force software updates across employee devices if they haven’t been updated within a few days. 


How about you? How are you keeping your company's data safe?

Ed G
Community Manager @ Dropbox

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Re: [tips] 3 easy ways to protect your company's data

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