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File Requests API (or Zapier Integration)?

I am looking for a way to automate the File Requests process.  I currently have a Zapier Zap (Action) set up that creates a folder with my required parameters, and I have even see where I can set that folder to have a shared link.  What I would LIKE to do is have an Action where upon folder creation, there is an option to Send File Request which should allow the build-request process to run using data from the Trigger app. 

Alternatively, ANY way to automate this process would be nice.  Looking for ideas.  Thanks.

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Re: File Requests API (or Zapier Integration)?


I can't offer help with Zapier, but Dropbox itself does offer an API you can use for getting, creating, and updating file requests programmatically:

That's a link to the documentation for the HTTPS endpoints themselves, but we recommend using one of the official SDKs if possible:

Those have corresponding native methods for the HTTPS endpoints. 

Note that the Dropbox API doesn't offer the ability to send the file request(s) to other users via Dropbox, like you can trigger from the Dropbox web site. You'd need to send the file request link via your own communications channel(s).


Re: File Requests API (or Zapier Integration)?

Thank you Greg.  I am not a programmer so unfortunately this information is way above me.  Is there a marketplace or best area to find a developer to build one?  Or how would one request additional Actions be pushed to Zapier?


Re: File Requests API (or Zapier Integration)?


Dropbox itself doesn't have listings of developers to hire. There may be third party marketplaces online where you can search for developers to hire, but we can't recommend any in particular.

If you want to request additional features in Zapier itself, you should contact Zapier, as they control their Dropbox integration.

Apologies I can't be of more help!

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