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How can I get the Member Department name using Admin Account.

Explorer | Level 3

Hi, I am trying to access all the team member data with Department Name in a Dropbox using .Net SDK. I am able to access member email,name, account Id, but unable to get department name.

I am using MembersListAsync()

var memListResult = await client.Team.MembersListAsync();

How can I get departmenmt name of a member using .Net SDK.

Please Help.

Thanks, Sukanta

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Re: How can I get the Member Department name using Admin Account.


I'm not sure I understand your question. What are you referring to when you say "Department name"? That's not something that's recorded on Dropbox for Dropbox Business team members, and accordingly is not a property of TeamMemberProfile, for instance. 

If you're looking for which "groups" the member is a part of, that's accessible as TeamMemberProfile.Groups.

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