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Restricting access of team subfolder with the Dropbox API

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I am developing an app with the Dropbox API ( .NET SDK) and I am a team admin in the Dropbox using the app.

I noticed for a subfolder of a team folder that I can remove the group access of the team.

My question is: Is there a way to remove team access (all access except mine) for a shared (team folder) via the API ? If not, is it possible to create a folder within a team folder, that only I can access and share (via the API) ? 

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Restricting access of team subfolder with the Dropbox API


Yes, you can remove the team's access to a shared folder in the team space by calling SetAccessInheritanceAsync and setting the accessInheritance parameter to NoInherit. Likewise, you can do the same when creating a new shared folder using the same parameter and value on ShareFolderAsync.

Either way, the team will no longer inherit access to the sub-folder via the team folder (and you can add specific individual/group access as desired).

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