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Dropbox Extensions opens to all developers!


Dropbox Extensions are now open to all developers! It's a feature that can be added to your new or existing apps with Full Dropbox access, and is compatible with Dropbox API v2 and OAuth 2.0 flow. You can read more about Extensions in our developer blog or the Extensions Guide.

We'd love to hear how you're thinking about leveraging Extensions, or any other features you'd like to see in Extensions. Please post your comments and questions below and we look forward to hearing from you .

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Re: Dropbox Extensions opens to all developers!

Explorer | Level 3

This is great news.


However looks like there is a bug that needs fixing.



- Consider a Personal App with "Full Dropbox" permission (since thats only where its available as type of writing this) - will call it MyShare

1. User A oauth the app, we got user token - good so far

2. User A goes to DB and select a file from ROOT/FILE.txt and clicks share with MyShare - good so far

3. User A is taken to EXTENSIONURL?file_id... - very good so far

4. "MyShare App" looks up file_id and OOPS, it doesn't have access - very bad

5. Upon investigating it turns out that the "Full Dropbox" scope only has access to "User A's files and folders'



- As an extension I would like for it to work on any file, regardless of it being outsitde "my folder" or my files

-- It would defeat the purpose if extenion works only my files

- Right now I can select other users file, click on share - and it fails as the API doesn't have the ability to download it.

- The user doesn't have access to the folders outside his own folder and it fails with:

  "error_summary": "path/not_found/",
  "error": {
    ".tag": "path",
    "path": {
      ".tag": "not_found"

- Further more when you make the api call to:, you are chrooted to user's folder and dont have visibility outside. This doesn't seem competable with extensions.


Hope this helps and looking forward to a fix/update on this.




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