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List File Members Java SDK

List File Members Java SDK

New member | Level 2

Hi All,


In a java application im string to extract all the ACL informaiton of each file on a bussiness account, im using an app registered by the Team Admin, with "Team Member File Access". 


Is there a way of getting a file's members only using the Team Admin?


I  tryed this way, but it fails with a namespace exception (the namespace used its a TEAM_MEMBER_FOLDER)


SharedFileMembers result_file = client.asAdmin(adminTeamMemberId).withPathRoot(PathRoot.namespaceId(namespace.getNamespaceId())).sharing().listFileMembersBuilder(((FileMetadata)metadata).getId()).withIncludeInherited(true).start();

 Thanks for any help you could provide

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Re: List File Members Java SDK

Dropbox Staff

No, unfortunately, it's not possible to use the 'listFileMembers' functionality for all files from any/all members just using asAdmin for an admin. You'll need to use asMember for the relevant members(s). 


The /2/sharing/list_file_members endpoints, which is what the 'listFileMembers' methods in the Java SDK use, only supports the "Team Admin" mode for "Dropbox-API-Select-Admin", meaning that it can "access content of team folders but not team member's private files".

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