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New DBX Platform Super User Program!

New DBX Platform Super User Program!

We are excited to announce an extension of our Dropbox Community Super User Program specifically for developers — the DBX Platform Super User Program!
What's the DBX Platform Super User Program?
This program is aimed at connecting our most passionate Dropbox API users with the Dropbox team and getting them more involved in our developer community. While we encourage all Dropbox API users to share their expertise with the community, this program will provide benefits to those community members who go above and beyond by regularly contributing high-value content on our forums.  
How does it work?
Super Users will be asked to share their expertise and advice in the Dropbox forums by posting code samples, details on projects they have completed, answers to community questions, and/or guides with tips & tricks they have learned along the way. In exchange for helping the Dropbox community of developers, the Super Users will get perks and incentives.
What do I get if I become a Super User?
Additional Dropbox space, training, access to the Dropbox team, swag, early access content, and more… Have a look at the table below for the benefits unlocked in each level.
How do I become a Super User?
If you are interested in being a DBX Platform Super User, you can apply here to become a New DBX Platform Super User. We want to know why you think you’d be a good addition to our program, what you can bring to the community, and about any apps you’ve built on Dropbox or your involvement in the community. The Dropbox team will review your application and follow up with any questions.
How often do I need to post to be a Super User?
We require a minimum of two posts per month that meet the point goals outlined for each tier in the table below to be a Super User. We provide several different ways to reach the point targets each month, and it’s up to you what kinds of posts you want to make to get there. The goal is to help users of the DBX Platform by answering questions, sharing examples, and providing code samples, so your contributions will be evaluated by the Dropbox team to deem if it qualifies for points. 
How do I progress through the levels?
We have no hard rules here as maintaining status in a given category is based on the point structure in the table below. We'd expect someone to participate in a given tier for three to six months before moving up the tiers. All Super Users will start in the "New DBX Platform Super User" tier and then progress to the second tier "DBX Platform Super User".
DBX Platform Super User Tiers, Benefits, and Expectations:

Screenshot 2018-05-29 11.30.36.png*Note that all content is subject to review by Dropbox DBX Platform Team before points will be awarded.

Super User Policies (Applies to all levels)
  • Adhere to our Community Guidelines
  • Provide accurate information to other users
  • Report identified issues and users misbehaving on the community
  • Sign confidentiality agreement (NDA) 
  • Only non-Dropbox employees/contractors can apply
  • This is a volunteer role with no expectation of compensation
  • Your status can be revoked at Dropbox’s discretion
Interested in being a DBX Platform Super User? Apply here!
Please comment below with any questions or feedback.
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