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OAuth2 Redirect Url

OAuth2 Redirect Url

Explorer | Level 3

Hello there,


For the Oauth2 bewlow


It is saying ClientId is invalid. 

The app has the same redirect url: https://localhost:44332/Login?Cloud=DROP&ClientId=393903


Could you please advise wether it is possible to add extra parameters and only the first one is accepted (Cloud) so far.


Error is:

More details for developers

unknown field "ClientId"


Please let me know!



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Re: OAuth2 Redirect Url


It sounds like you're not URL encoding the 'redirect_uri' value, and so the URL parameters on your redirect URI are being sent as actual URL parameters to the Dropbox /oauth2/authorize app authorization page itself, which does not expect those parameters.


You'll need to URL encode your 'redirect_uri' value. For example, for the sample you included here, that would be:




Also, note that per the documentation, the app authorization page should be accessed at (not on

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