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Uploading large files from pythonanywhere webapp

Uploading large files from pythonanywhere webapp

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Hi all!


Here's the situation - I've got a simple little script that runs smoothly on my computer, and that I've recently ported over to pythonanywhere so as to use http-post functionality. 


For the sake of context, the flow is quite simple -  

I get a Zoom-hook notification when a new recording is available, and the script then downloads the file, converts the m4a audio to mp3, uploads to dropbox, and sends a post-request to my site regarding the availability of a new dropbox audio-file. (Also some other stuff, but nevermind those). 


The thing is, my upload keeps failing. This never happens when running on my laptop, but for some reason when running from pythonanywhere the session times-out, tries again, fails again, and eventually gives up after about 48 minutes of audio have been uploaded... 


I'm using upload-sessions, and the dropbox.Dropbox instance is being istantiated with 60*60*5 timeout, so that shouldn't be the issue... I've also tried things like reopening a new dropbox.Dropbox instance every 10 minutes of upload or so, and some other wierd stuff. 


Any suggestions would be very welcome indeed! I've got everything except this point running perfectly and I'm planning on upgrading to a payed dropbox plan this week, but I'd like to get this going properly first...


Thanks a buncharoonie!




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Dropbox Staff

I'll be happy to try and help with this, but I could use some more information. Can you share:

  • the version number of Python you're using
  • the version number of the Dropbox Python library you're using
  • the steps to reproduce the issue, including relevant code snippet(s) (but don't include your access token)
  • the full text of any error or unexpected output
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