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How Emma collaborates with remote teams and increases alignment using Dropbox Paper

Community Manager



Meet Emma, a Customer Success Manager who solved team misalignment with Dropbox. This is Emma’s story…
What brought me to Dropbox
Remote teams were finding it difficult to collaborate in real time. Good ideas, processes and information were either getting lost or not being shared. Overall, we saw repeated work, misalignment, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities for team collaboration.
How I use Dropbox
We use Dropbox Paper for sharing meeting notes and key processes, and keeping these fresh and up to date. 
Paper is known as the ‘go to’ place to find information. We use it in meetings to record actions against agenda items. Then, team members can edit and add a note to comment on items. Each team has a folder to file their Paper docs and we use permissions to keep things locked down where needed, but that’s rare as we generally want all users to have access to all Paper docs. We don’t set rules about how people should write a Paper doc, since it doesn’t affect our way of working if it’s done differently across the board. One really important use case for us is using Paper to request and track customer adoption of product features. 
Tips for the community
  • Paper allows us a sense of organized freedom.
  • Keep a tidy folder structure (but even if it doesn’t happen, you can still use the excellent search function).


Do you use Dropbox in a similar way? Have questions for Emma about their workflow? Reply below with your thoughts!

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How Emma collaborates with remote teams and increases alignment using Dropbox Paper
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