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Michael uses Dropbox Paper and folders to collaborate with his team

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Meet Michael, a Process Engineer who uses Dropbox Paper and folders to collaborate with his team. This is Michael’s story… 

What brought me to Dropbox
Initially my need was to have files accessible on more than one device. It was difficult to have information only available on my computer that could only be accessed when I was at my desk. I would need to keep extra notes when going into meetings just in case I needed any of the information. My need has since grown to sharing my work with others and having access to study and work materials quickly and easily.
How I use Dropbox
Dropbox folders allow me to share large files easily. Paper has allowed me to have a central place to collaborate with others. It keeps information flowing easily and everyone on the same page.
I am in the beginning stages of getting my team to use Dropbox. Initially it started with me uploading the information and giving people the links to allow them to check for any files when they need them. I am trying to start a process using Paper to allow us to track projects, to do's, and updates all in one place. This paired with having the app on our phones lets us keep up to date wherever we are at all times.
Tips for the community
  • When you start using Dropbox, set up Selective Sync on multiple computers.
  • Join the community forums and ask questions. There are plenty of people there that are willing to help!
  • Figure out what organization system works best for you. You don't need to model it off of how someone else does it.


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Michael uses Dropbox Paper and folders to collaborate with his team
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