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How do you want to be a kinder collaborator this year?


Happy 2019! It's time for new year's resolutions again, a double edged sword that The Atlantic comically (and not so comically) calls, "The Most Inadequate Time of The Year." As you think about the new year, I encourage you to think about how you want to be as a coworker and how you'd like to collaborate with your teammates. This Atlantic article notes that new year's resolutions are primarily oriented around weight and finance, while goals around being kinder, for instance, are rare.


What if this year we try to be kinder collaborators? I enjoy the kind spirit behind something Asana (my former employer) does at this time of year. They encourage people to #ThankATeammate with well designed digital cards, containing cheeky statements of thanks. With that, to be kinder to my coworkers this year I'd like to thank and celebrate them on a regular basis for the things that might go unnoticed. For instance, I'd like to give them a rockstar emoji in a Paper comment for something as simple as a well written sentence or as grand as a fabulous idea that got overshadowed by an urgent issue.


⭐️ How do you want to be a kinder collaborator this year? Reply below! ⭐️

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