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2/team/team_folder/create error

2/team/team_folder/create error

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Hi Team,


I would like to ask about endpoint team_folder/create. We are writting tests but we cannot make request using this endpoint. I read here on forum that our team is set up to use the "team space" configuration and that we should use different endpoint but we cant use different endpoint for our tests. We need to test each endpoint from business endpoints. Therefore, my question is how to change our configuration in order to make request using this endpoint ? really appreciate your help.


This is our error:

  "{   "error_summary ": "invalid_account_type/endpoint/.",
  "error": {
    ".tag": "invalid_account_type",
    "invalid_account_type": {
      ".tag": "endpoint"
  "user_message": {
    "locale": "en",
    "text": "You can’t create a team folder for this team"
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Re: 2/team/team_folder/create error


If your team is using the "team space" configuration it doesn't need to use the /2/team/team_folder/create endpoint, since that functionality doesn't apply to the team. Accordingly, attempting to call /2/team/team_folder/create will fail. There isn't a way to switch between these configurations on demand.

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