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App Authentication

App Authentication

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I have a question regarding authentication types. I tried to use App Authentication, but it seems that this method does not work with the v2 API.

According to the documentation (, /1/metadata/link acts as the endpoint for App Authentication, which is a v1 endpoint. The API v2 version of this endpoint is /2/sharing/get_shared_link_metadata, but it is stated in the forum that this does not support App Authentication (

Am I correct in concluding that App Authentication is not possible with the v2 API?

Thanks in advance

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Re: App Authentication


While the API v2 infrastructure itself does implement app authentication as one of the authentication types, it is supported (or not) on an endpoint-by-endpoint basis.

Currently the API v2 /2/sharing/get_shared_link_metadata endpoint unfortunately does not support app authentication. (You can check which authentication type(s) an endpoint currently supports in the "AUTHENTICATION" section of the documentation for that endpoint. For example, /2/sharing/get_shared_link_metadata currently only supports "User Authentication". For comparison, the only API v2 endpoint that currently supports app authentication is /2/auth/token/from_oauth1.)

I'll pass this along as a feature request for app authentication support for /2/sharing/get_shared_link_metadata. I can't promise if or when that might be implemented though. 

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