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Automatically Generate File Requests

Automatically Generate File Requests

New member | Level 2

Is it possible to have file request URL's automatically generated upon some event trigger elsewhere?


My Woocommerce Wordpress website generates orders for my clients when they pay.  Is it possible to automatically have a file request generated and pasted into every order that is generated?


Would the platform matter?  For instance, maybe it couldn't be done on the website order but could it be done in Trello or somewhere else?



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Re: Automatically Generate File Requests


The Dropbox API does offer the ability to programmatically generate file requests, via the /2/file_requests/create endpoint.


This isn't restricted to any particular platform(s). You can make Dropbox API calls anywhere you can perform HTTPS requests. I can't offer guidance for Woocommerce/Wordpress/Trello in particular though, as those are made by third parties, so you should refer to the documentation for those for information on what capabilities they offer.

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