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Dropbox Chooser loading indicator

Dropbox Chooser loading indicator

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Hey there!


We've started integrating Dropbox Chooser into our product. It a nice and easy to integrate from a developer's perspective - thanks!


We've gotten quite a few tickets regarding an unresponsive Dropbox Chooser modal. Digging a bit I quickly realized that the modal was not unresponsive - it was just doing some thinking.


In cases where a user selects quite a few files the POST request made to `` takes quite some time. I guess behind the scene you're generating direct links for each file. For non-technical users it seems like the modal is stuck.


Could you please add small loading indicator on the choose button while you're collecting the links?




Best regards

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Re: Dropbox Chooser loading indicator


Thanks for writing this up! I can't make any promises myself, but I'll pass this along to the team to see if we can get that done.

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