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File Upload

priyank New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

I am trying to upload a file using an old dropbox api, When I use the below method the file gets saved and I am able to get the saved file, but the saved file, in my case an image can not be seen or previewed. when I hit that url it returns default blank image from dropbox.


Please let me know, if any one look into my problem. Below is how I am using it.


PATH: /somefolder/somefile.extension

BODY: base 64 encoded string


Also I have some doubts about what should be send in body.


uploadFile: function(path, body, callback) {

options = {
method: "PUT",
url : ""' + api.putFiles + "/auto/" + path,

headers: {
"Content-Length": getByteLength(body),
"Authorization": "Bearer " + access_token,
"Content-Type": "text-plain",

request(options, function(err, res, body) {
callback(err, res, body);


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Re: File Upload

When uploading files, you should put the raw octet stream in the request body, not a base64 encoded string of the data.

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