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How does the data transfer work

How does the data transfer work

New member | Level 2

I am wondering if the data is compressed or not during the upload to increase the performance. Does anyone knows?
I need to to upload 400GB od data, so I need to figura out if I must zip the data before to decrease the data usage. I need the files uncompressed.
I am trying to do sync application that doe not use the local storage. So far it works, but I am worries about the time it will take to upload. The data is in Australia and I need it in Sweden.


thank you in advance.

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Re: How does the data transfer work

No, when uploading to Dropbox via the Dropbox API, the file contents are not automatically compressed.

Note that your connection speed to Dropbox depends on the routing you get between your ISP and our servers, and may be slower than your ISP's rated speeds.

Sometimes resetting or retrying your connection gets you a different route and better speeds, but that is outside of our control. Some ISPs also throttle sustained connections so if you see an initial high connection speed followed by lower speeds, that could be the reason.
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