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Some questions about security

Explorer | Level 3
Hello everyone!

I have some questions about the API security.

The application I am programming right now is connected to my dropbox account registered as an App that is using a different directory.

The problem is the token...
For now the token is in a string variable inside the code, because the app will be for other users on the internet, everyone who decompiles the application will get the token right?

So how can I make my app more secure? Could I set that the app can ONLY download and view the content? I don't want other users to mess with the files nor upload something using the token.

Other services are using credentials to make a secure connection and autentification, is it also somehow possible with the Dropbox app?

I'm writing in C# by the way.

Kind regards.
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Re: Some questions about security


The API was designed with the intention that each user would link their own Dropbox account, in order to interact with their own files. It is technically possible to connect to just one account, by embedding an access token for the desired account in the app itself, like you describe, but we don't recommend doing so, for various technical and security reasons.

There isn't a way to configure a download-only permission, but I'll pass this along as a feature request. 

Alternatively, you could consider using shared links to link to content in your Dropbox:

You can modify these links for direct access, e.g., to programmatically download from them:

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