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Unable to access DropboxAPI V2(sg wifi gateway)

Unable to access DropboxAPI V2(sg wifi gateway)

New member | Level 2

Hello Dropbox API Team,

I had created dropbox API "sg wifi gateway" 2 month back. and used TI library to get the list of file from the Dropbox server using OtaClient_UpdateCheck function using the TI library to update the firmware remotely. but unable to get any update even the update is put in the apk folder.
Since 2 months everything works well. but from last 4 days we are facing issues as we are unable to get the update from the dropbox server.
If we create a new APK "adfgtre". everything works fine. But since the update is given to previous device is with othe API "sg wifi gateway, we wanted same API to work with the previous generated Token.
Please, help us to fix this issue.

The other details are as per below.

App name: sg wifi gateway
App key: v3yznbhpi52bh6c
App secret: <redacted>

Thanks and Regards,

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Re: Unable to access DropboxAPI V2(sg wifi gateway)


When you say you "are unable to get the update", what error are you getting exactly?

For instance, is the API indicating that your access token itself is invalid? By default, Dropbox API access tokens for your app(s) don't expire by themselves, but there a number of different ways that a Dropbox API access token can become invalid:

  • the user can revoke all access tokens for an app by unlinking it on the connected apps page or teams apps page
  • any client with the access token can revoke the access token by calling /2/auth/token/revoke
  • if the app uses the "app folder" permission, the token can be disabled by the user deleting the app folder itself in the Dropbox account, either via the Dropbox website or any client
  • the app can be disabled
  • the account that owns the app can be disabled
  • the connected account can be disabled

Alternatively, are you getting some other error? If an API call fails, Dropbox will return an error message in the response body, so make sure you check that. 

If something isn't working as expected, we'll be happy to look into it, but we'll need some more information. In that case, please reply with:

  • the steps to reproduce the issue, including relevant code snippet(s)
  • the full text of any error or unexpected output from the Dropbox API 
  • a few sample X-Dropbox-Request-Id values for the unexpected failures


By the way, I've redacted it from your post, but for future reference, it's best not to publicly post your app secret.

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