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UploadWriteFailed(reason=WriteError('disallowed_name', None)

Explorer | Level 3

I'm trying to upload a whole folder to dropbox but only the files get uploaded. Should I create a folder programatically or can I solve the folder-uploading so simple? Thanks



import os
import dropbox
    access_token = '***********************'
    dbx = dropbox.Dropbox(access_token)
    dropbox_destination = '/live'
    local_directory = 'C:/Users/xoxo/Desktop/man'
    for root, dirs, files in os.walk(local_directory):
        for filename in files:
            local_path = root + '/' + filename
            print("local_path", local_path)
            relative_path = os.path.relpath(local_path, local_directory)
            dropbox_path = dropbox_destination + '/' + relative_path
            # upload the file
             with open(local_path, 'rb') as f:
                    dbx.files_upload(, dropbox_path)



dropbox.exceptions.ApiError: ApiError('xxf84e5axxf86', UploadError('path', UploadWriteFailed(reason=WriteError('disallowed_name', None), upload_session_id='xxxxxxxxxxx')))
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Re: UploadWriteFailed(reason=WriteError('disallowed_name', None)

Super User II
Super User II
*moves to API area*


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Re: UploadWriteFailed(reason=WriteError('disallowed_name', None)

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