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Using proxy setting in java sdk

Using proxy setting in java sdk

vishal s.7
New member | Level 1


I am working in the network that uses proxy setting. How can I mention the Proxy setting in java sdk?

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, DbxException {
    // Get your app key and secret from the Dropbox developers website.
    final String APP_KEY = "f1klbew9x73o79w";
    final String APP_SECRET = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

    DbxAppInfo appInfo = new DbxAppInfo(APP_KEY, APP_SECRET);

    DbxRequestConfig config = new DbxRequestConfig("JavaTutorial/1.0",
    DbxWebAuthNoRedirect webAuth = new DbxWebAuthNoRedirect(config, appInfo);

    // Have the user sign in and authorize your app.
    String authorizeUrl = webAuth.start();
    System.out.println("1. Go to: " + authorizeUrl);
    System.out.println("2. Click \"Allow\" (you might have to log in first)");
    System.out.println("3. Copy the authorization code.");
    //String code = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;

    // This will fail if the user enters an invalid authorization code.
    //DbxAuthFinish authFinish = webAuth.finish(code);
    String accessToken = "XXX";//authFinish.accessToken;

    DbxClient client = new DbxClient(config, accessToken);

    System.out.println("Linked account: " + client.getAccountInfo().displayName);

Above program works fine in network with no proxy.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Using proxy setting in java sdk


I unfortunately don't have any actual sample code for this, but I believe you can supply a proxy object to this StandardHttpRequestor constructor:

And then you can supply that HttpRequestor to this DbxRequestConfig constructor:

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