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/files/list_folder includes .app packages as folders

/files/list_folder includes .app packages as folders

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Hello, there are certain files such as the ones with .app extension which show up as Application files both on Mac and on the Dropbox client as well (see screenshot below). However when traversing them using the /files/list_folder API they show up as a folder (see attached code) and lack a way to determine when they were modified - which is necessary for us as it helps to find recently modified files.


My question is - is there a way to query the API in order to get results containing the data displayed in the Dropbox app itself?

Specifically, ".app" files to be considered non-folders and to include a date last modified.


  '.tag': 'folder',
  name: '',
  path_lower: '/slapdash shared/engineering/testbuilds/builds/',
  path_display: '/Slapdash Shared/Engineering/TestBuilds/Builds/',
  parent_shared_folder_id: '3114517952',
  id: 'id:1eQ4ofWIW_AAAAAAAAQm_A',
  sharing_info: {
    read_only: false,
    parent_shared_folder_id: '3114517952',
    traverse_only: false,
    no_access: false


Screenshot 2020-04-10 12.15.32.png

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Re: /files/list_folder includes .app packages as folders


No, unfortunately the Dropbox API doesn't offer a way to get package information like this. I'll pass this along as a feature request for a better way to handle these, but I can't promise if or when that might be implemented. 

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