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Explorer | Level 3

A couple questions, I'm updating an app to use the new API.  Logging in as the user into the dropbox website and it doesn't look like there are any apps registered to this account.  My App Key is 1cqi2t0vya3poem.


I am able to call and I get a valid response.  I take that info and plug it into and I get this...


curl -X POST -u "1cqi2t0vya3poem:xxxxxx" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data "{\"oauth1_token\": \"IqL8EWxlEUvscVfa\", \"oauth1_token_secret\": \"xxxxxxxxxxx\"}"



{"error_summary": "invalid_oauth1_token_info/.","error": {".tag": invalid_oauth1_token_info"}}


Any help would be appreciated.

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Dropbox Staff

If you don't see your app(s) listed on the App Console, that means you're not signed in to the account that owns the app(s). You'll need to log out and then log back in to the account that does own the app(s).


The /1/oauth/request_token endpoint gives you an OAuth 1 "request token", but the /2/auth/token/from_oauth1 endpoint only access an OAuth 2 "access token", which is a different kind of token. Attempting /2/auth/token/from_oauth1 with a request token instead will yield this error.


In any case, if you're updating your app for API v2. You should just use the OAuth 2 flow instead. The OAuth guide may also be a helpful reference.


If (and only if) you do have stored OAuth 1 access tokens (e.g., as returned by /1/oauth/access_token) that you want to migrate to OAuth 2 for use with API v2, you can use those, not request tokens, with /2/auth/token/from_oauth1.

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