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question about deployment of Dropbox servers

question about deployment of Dropbox servers

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Currently, we are using the dropbox API. Because our app is for global users, users in different countries use our app to upload files to their own dropbox cloud space, considering performance and information security concerns. Would you like to ask about the deployment of Dropbox servers globally and whether there are servers on all continents to provide better cloud disk services? and how Dropbox has done and complied with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) agreement in Europe.

On the official website, I found no restrictions on API calls, only usage statistics. Is there a limit on the number of calls to HTTP APIs and how many network requests can be received at a time?


I don't konw if I propose this question at right place, please give some advice if this board is not correct.

Thanks a lot

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Re: question about deployment of Dropbox servers


You can find information on the location of Dropbox servers in this help article.


You can find information on Dropbox GDPR compliance in this help article.


The Dropbox API does have a rate limiting system, but we don't have any specific numbers documented. It is only designed to prevent abuse though, and is accordingly relatively generous. Further, the limits operate on a per-user basis. That being the case, you generally don't need to worry about hitting it in normal use. Also note that not all 429s and 503s indicate explicit rate limiting, but in any case that you get a 429 or 503 the best practice is to retry the request, respecting the Retry-After header if given in the response, or using an exponential back-off, if not.

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