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refresh token

refresh token

New member | Level 2

Greetings everyone just gonna copy and paste this here the letters in blue is where im having issues the output i will put in red can someone please help :


**Configure your Dropbox application**

- Create a Dropbox account.
- [Create a Dropbox "App"]( with a "Scoped access" API and a "Full Dropbox" acces> - Go to the settings of this app and write down your "App key" and "App secret".
*These are your "<APP_KEY>" and "<APP_SECRET>".*
- Next, go to the "Permissions" tab and enable the "files.metadata.write" and "files.content.write" permissions.
- After that, open this link in your browser *(values between brackets must be changed)*.
- Connect your application, allow its permissions, and note the code it gives you.
*This is your "<APP_CODE>".*
- Open a command prompt and run this command *(values between brackets must be changed)*.
curl -d code=<APP_CODE> -d grant_type=authorization_code -u <APP_KEY>:<APP_SECRET>
- Note the "refresh_token" value of the result.
*This is your "<REFRESH_TOKEN>".*


Invoke-WebRequest : Parameter cannot be processed because the parameter name 'u' is ambiguous. Possible matches include:
-UseBasicParsing -Uri -UseDefaultCredentials -UserAgent.
At line:1 char:129
+ ... AAFZweC4ck6XN_KBdSolmpzkI -d grant_type=authorization_code -u 5u3fux9 ...


curl: (35) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer



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Dropbox Staff

It looks like the issue is that the command is formatted for curl, but 'curl' on your system is actually running Invoke-WebRequest. You can find information and a solution in the following posts:

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